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Men’s Health Month

November is Men’s Health Month.  The goal of the month is to raise awareness of common men’s cancers such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, bowel cancer and lung cancer so that men can be aware how to prevent these cancers and how to spot the signs and symptoms early. 

Many of these cancers can be cured and all of them are treatable if they are caught in time so the Marie Keating Foundation is urging men to get active in managing their own health. Below are some of the simple steps all men can start taking today to reduce their risk of common cancers:

-          Check your testicles once a month

-          If you are over 50 years, ask your GP about prostate cancer

-          If you smoke, stop

-          Keep a healthy weight

-          Get 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day

-          Don’t drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day

-          Wear a high SPF in the sun

-          Never use sun beds


If you would like a FREE men’s health information pack, please email or call 01 628 3726.


Below are some further facts about common men’s cancers.


Prostate cancer

·         Prostate cancer is the second most common male cancer in Ireland

·         Many men with early prostate cancer have no symptoms at all

·         Because you may not have symptoms, if you are a man over the age of 50, it is important to talk to your doctor if you have any of the risk factors

·         Risk factors include a family history of prostate cancer, and eating a “Western diet” which is low in fibre and high in fat, 

·         There has been a large increase in the numbers of men diagnosed in recent years due to the increasing use of the PSA blood test

·         Prostate cancer responds well to treatment and, if detected early, it can be treated successfully


Testicular cancer

·         Testicular cancer is a relatively rare disease

·         However, it is the most common cancer found in young men aged between 15 and 34 years

·         Every year about 164 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer in Ireland

·         This number has been growing over the past few years so it is important to check your testicles on a regular basis

·         Testicular cancer is very treatable - more than 95% of men with testicular cancer are cured


Lung cancer

·         Lung cancer is the fourth most common cancer in Ireland

·         About 2000 are diagnoses each year.

·         Sadly, more Irish men and women die from lung cancer than any other type of cancer.

·         Anyone can develop lung cancer, but some people have a higher risk than others.

·         Smoking is the main cause of the disease

·         When lung cancer is found at an early stage, there is a better chance of successful treatment, it can make a real difference


Bowel cancer

·         In Ireland, approximately 2,000 people each year develop cancer of the colon

·         Bowel cancer affects both men and women

·         It is the fourth most common cancer in Ireland following skin cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer

·         Bowel cancer is also the second most common cause of cancer death in Ireland

·         There is a one in nineteen chance of developing the disease in your lifetime

·         The risk increases with age

·         When bowel cancer is caught at the earliest stage, more than nine in 10 people will survive for more than five years


Remember, early detection is key to surviving cancer. If you would like a FREE men’s health information pack, please email or call 01 628 3726.



Marie's Story

Cancer had always been that word you don’t mention. It was referred to as the Big C and you always thought “this is it I am going to die”.   Our Mam, Marie Keating, was diagnosed with breast cancer on Wednesday 25th September 1996. Her world and our world fell apart that day……..READ MORE



Why you can trust us

The Marie Keating Foundation, founded by the Keating Family in 1998, has evolved over the years to become a professional organisation which is run like a successful business where efficiency, accountability and transparency are key. Our financial accounts, which are independently audited, are available in our Annual Report-  always available for download from here.


Donations are received and managed with the highest level of professionalism and accountability and in strict adherence to the Commitment to Standards in Fundraising Practice and our Donor Charter . Further evidence to our commitment to sectoral codes are detailed here:

Public Compliance Statement 

Handling Feedback and Complaints 

Disclosure Statement 


Thank you for your support

In 2013, thanks to your generosity, the Marie Keating Foundation raised €1,014,196 (€853,071 in cash and €161,125 in services in kind)*.

Of the costs of charitable activities (€799,921)  we spent these valued funds as follows:

-          Cancer Awareness & Outreach Services: €733,281

-          Comfort Fund Grants: €45,900

-          Young Scientist Bursary: €9,840


€733,281 was invested in running our nationwide Mobile Health Information and Community Outreach Service. During 2013, our nurses delivered our cancer education and support services through 371 community and workplace visits and interacted directly with 14,186 people.  GP referrals were made for 221 people. Through our 5 Cancer Awareness Campaigns, (Look After your Girls Breast Cancer: Get Men Talking Men’s Health; Cervical Cancer; Skin Cancer and Your Health Your Choice campaigns), important targeted messaging has been delivered to the public through a variety of channels and media.


€45,900 went towards helping people through our Comfort Fund

Our Comfort Fund helps men and women all over Ireland who are struggling financially as a result of their cancer diagnosis. Support was given to 97 people (and their families) who asked for our assistance to alleviate the extra stress caused by mounting household bills, additional childcare fees and transport costs while they were going through their treatment. This fund is designed to give some comfort to people when they need it most so that they can concentrate on fighting their cancer.


€9,840was allocated for a Young Scientist bursary as part of our commitment to supporting those working in the area of cancer research.


Cost of generating funds was 23% of turnover

Cost of charitable activities was 78% of turnover

Overhead expenses were 9% of turnover


Impact of our work

Your support enabled us to reach directly interact with 14,186 through our cancer awareness and support services in in 2013. Thanks to you, hundreds of thousands of people throughout Ireland received vital information about prevention and early detection through our media campaigns and awareness initiatives. Through your generosity, we could also focus some of our attention on special interest groups nationwide such as those working with the intellectually disabled, schools and traveller groups.


With your help we can fulfil our mission

Like many other charities in Ireland, there are no inflated salaries, bonuses or company cars at Marie Keating Foundation. The Foundation relies exclusively on fundraising to continue to provide its services as we do not receive any government funding. It is thanks to your support that we are able to fulfil our mission of‘Making cancer less frightening by enlightening’, by providing cancer awareness and support services to thousands of people in Ireland every year. We hope that you will be reassured that we make every effort to ensure we adhere to best practice in our governance standards. If you have any queries please email Liz Yeates, Director of Public Affairs (  or Michael Dwyer, Chairman (


Governance & Compliance

Our financial accounts, which are independently audited, are available in our Annual Report-  always available for download from here.


The organisation, which has recently completed a governance review, is committed to complying with the Principles of Good Governance under the Governance Code. We also adhere to the ICTR’s Fundraising Code of Practice and comply with the Statement of Guiding Principles of Fundraising.


We adhere to best practice in the following respects:

·         Making information freely available and transparent to the public at all times

·         Adopting an honest and open approach on all fundraising activities

·         Providing a clear assurance to donors that their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given

·         Ensuring there is no misleading or ambiguous information in fundraising communications



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