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Welcome to the Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer Podcast


Talking about cancer isn’t easy but the Marie Keating Foundation’s mission is to ‘make cancer less frightening by enlightening’ and opening up conversations is a great way to do just that.


With our host Director of Nursing, Helen Forristal, we will explore the ins and outs of some of Ireland’s most common cancers, how they impact our lives and how we can do our best to prevent them.


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This season, with thanks to Astra Zeneca and Pfizer, we will be #TalkingLungCancer



Over the next four episodes, our host Helen Forrisal and a panel of expert guests will discuss all things lung cancer, from the warning signs of the disease, the treatment options available to combat lung cancer in Ireland and the impact a diagnosis can have on your life.

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Talking Lung Cancer: Trailer

Talking Lung Cancer: Episode 1: Lung cancer in Ireland with Bernie Carter

On this week’s episode, our host Helen chats to Assistant Director of Nursing Services Bernie Carter, about the facts surrounding lung cancer in Ireland, the contributing factors of the disease, and the support services available for those affected by lung cancer.



Talking Lung Cancer: Episode 2: Lung cancer, the early warning signs with GP, Dr Paul Carroll.

For the second episode in our #TalkingLungCancer series, Helen speaks to GP Dr Paul Carroll about the early warning signs of lung cancer, when you should go to see your doctor if you have a concern, and the facts about smoking and how it impacts your health. Tune in today to listen to the full conversation.


Talking Lung Cancer: Episode 3: Treating lung cancer with medical oncologist Dr Jarushka Naidoo

For the penultimate episode of our Talking Lung Cancer series, Helen chats to medical oncologist and clinical trials specialist Dr Jarushka Naidoo about the stages of lung cancer patients, the ways in which lung cancer is treated and just how important it is to know the facts about the clinical trials available to you. Tune in now!


Talking Lung Cancer: Episode 4: Surviving Lung Cancer with Miriam Payne


For the final episode of our #TalkingLungCancer series, we speak to two-time lung cancer survivor Miriam Payne about her experience with lung cancer, how it has affected her life, the stigma she suffered due to her diagnosis, and the role early detection had on her cancer journey. This is an episode not to be missed.


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This series, with thanks to our friends at Novartis, we are Talking Melanoma.


Over the next eight episodes, our hosts, and guest-host Dermatology Nurse Specialist Selene Daly,  will be talking to some great guests like Dr. Patrick Ormond and Dr Osama Salib about the realities of a skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as hearing from patients that are living with and beyond melanoma. We will also hear about some of the supports in place in Ireland and how to cope with a melanoma diagnosis and possible side effects with psycho-oncologist Yvonne O’Meara. We will even have an exclusive interview with Dr Triona McCarthy from the NCCP to discuss how we can all do our part to help reduce our risk of melanoma in the future.


Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer is available to stream wherever you listen to podcasts.

Podcast Trailer:

Here's a sneak peek at what to expect from this series of The Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer!



Episode One: An Introduction to Melanoma with Dermatology Nurse Specialist Selene Daly

On this weeks episode of “The Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer” podcast, our hosts Director of Nursing Services Helen Forristal, Assistant Director of Nursing Bernie Carter and Dermatology Nurse Specialist Selene Daly discuss what melanoma is, the role of a dermatology nurse, how we can all reduce our risk of skin cancer while also sharing some bad sun habits they themselves used to indulge in. Tune in now!

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Episode Two: Melanoma Diagnosis. the First Steps with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Patrick Ormond

On this week’s episode of the Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer podcast, we are chatting to Consultant Dermatologist Dr Patrick Ormond about all things skin. Discussing the signs you should be looking out for on your skin, Breslow depth, the dangers of sunbeds and the process your team goes through to diagnose skin cancer and melanoma. Listen to our full conversation now, and like, follow and subscribe for more.

Episode Three: Talking Melanoma, the treatment plan with Dr Osama Salib and Professor Derek Power

On this episode of the Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer Podcast, we will be #TalkingMelanoma treatment with Radio-oncologist Dr Osama Salib and Consultant Oncologist Prof Derek Power. From radiation treatment and immunotherapy to pain management and multidisciplinary teams, in this episode, we will be exploring the treatment options available for those at every stage of a melanoma journey, and the realities of Stage 4 maintenance and care.

Episode Four: Talking Melanoma - the journey from diagnosis to follow up care with melanoma survivor Evelyn O'Neill

On the latest episode of the Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer Podcast, our hosts Helen and Bernie chat to melanoma survivor Evelyn O’Neill about what her experience was like being diagnosed and treated for melanoma during a global pandemic. From spotting a dark mole, to going in for surgery without the support of her family and friends, Evelyn’s story is unique as it explores the emotional impact a melanoma diagnosis can have on those affected by the disease. Listen to our conversation today and learn what Evelyn wished she had known about melanoma before she was diagnosed.


Episode Five: Melanoma Myth Busting With Dermatology Nurse Specialist Selene Daly

On this week’s episode of the Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer Podcast, our hosts Helen, Bernie and Selene debunk some well known “SunSmart facts” to help us all get to know the truth about protecting our skin. Over the course of this episode, our hosts share some of the bad sun habits they themselves used to believe and correct some misinformation about sunscreen, sunbeds and much more to make sure we all know how to look after our skin from now on. This is an episode you won’t want to miss and is a step by step guide of what NOT to do this summer season.


Episode Six: Talking Melanoma - Living Well With Melanoma, a conversation with Kay Curtin and Shirley McEntee

On the this week’s episode of the Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer Podcast, Helen and Bernie have the opportunity to speak to Kay Curtin and Shirley McEntee about living life with metastatic melanoma. From original diagnoses, to progress in the treatment of melanoma over the years and how these incredible women have learned to adapt to their current treatment plans, their journeys are truly inspiring. Listen to their stories and conversations today and find out how Kay and Shirley are now living well with advanced-stage melanoma.


Episode Seven: Talking Melanoma and supportive services with Yvonne OMeara and Stacey Devanney

This week on the Marie Keating Foundation Talks Cancer Podcast, we are chatting to Systemic Psychotherapist and Psycho-social Oncologist Yvonne O’Meara and Senior Social Medical Worker Stacey Devanney about the emotional and financial implications of a melanoma cancer journey. From practical tips on how to manage financially during treatment and the resources available to those on active treatment, to advice and resources on how to manage your emotions and mental health during diagnosis, treatment and late stage palliative care. Tune in to the conversation today and learn about the steps you can take to help support your loved ones that are on a melanoma journey.



Episode Eight: Melanoma Prevention with Dr. Caitriona McCarthy

For the final episode of our #TalkingMelanoma series, hosts Bernie and Helen chat to Dr Triona McCarthy about the NCCP’s skin cancer prevention programme, the SunSmart code and the simple steps we can all take to reduce our risk of developing skin cancer in the future. We also explore the importance of looking after younger skin and how we can all do our part to prevent skin cancer in future generations. This episode is full of helpful tips and information and is definitely one to listen to before you head out for your daily stroll.


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