Positive Living

Being diagnosed with metastatic cancer can be an emotional time that can lead a person to have many fears and questions and moments of anger and confusion. At a time where a person needs the most support, some people with metastatic cancer can find that it is very hard to find.

In order to support people with metastatic cancer, who have their own set of emotional, physical, and practical needs separate to other cancer patients, the Marie Keating Foundation has launched its Positive Living programme.  These monthly meetings, for women living with metastatic breast cancer, are free to attend and include information and talks by experts, as well as a safe space to discuss any concerns or fears. Common themes explored in the programme include:

–           Working with your medical team & managing side effects

–           Coping with the emotional impact of metastatic cancer

–           Sexuality & relationships

–           Altered body image, positive appearance & well-being

–           Using mindfulness to cope

–           Physical activity and stress management

The aim of the programme is to help those who have metastatic cancer reach an improved quality of life by providing specialised supports and connecting them with both experts  and with other people affected by similar circumstances who they may be able to relate to on a peer-to-peer level. It is hoped that through the course, participants will be able to look ahead and plan for the future.

All courses and seminars are free to attend but places are limited and registration is essential. If you would like to apply for an upcoming course or seminar, please contact Angela Egan, on 01 628 3726 or email [email protected]. Or sign up by clicking on a link below to one of our upcoming meetings.

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Positive Living programme for women with metastatic breast cancer is supported by a financial grant from Takeda Products Ireland Limited and Pfizer.