RIP Deirdre Kelleher Dowling

We are deeply saddened to hear of Deidre’s passing and to have lost her from our Positive Living group. Deirdre was an inspirational woman, always caring with a great listening ear. She was so supportive, giving as much as she could to support women with Metastatic Breast cancer and her legacy will live on, we will make sure of that.

Our Positive Living Group came together this week outdoors, socially distanced to remember Deirdre and try to accept her passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with Deirdre’s family in particular, Des, Georgina and Genevieve.

Our Positive Living get together this week was full of mixed emotions, accepting that Deirdre will no longer be with us but also remembering her fondly and focussing on the amazing contribution she made to our group.

We asked some of the group’s member for their thoughts on Deidre’s passing:

I will miss this strong lady – Roisin

I will miss Deirdre, she was a wonderful lady – Roseanne

Thinking of Deirdre today, will always remember her words of encouragement- Aine

A lovely friend, a true lady-RIP – Bernie

Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a beautiful trail of memories – Eileen

“Thank you for sharing your life with us Deirdre, we laughed and we cried … shared special and difficult moments… we are humbled to have met you” Helen Forristal Director of Nursing

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