Leave a Legacy

An often forgotten way to help a charity is to leave a legacy when you are making a will.

By leaving the Marie Keating Foundation a gift, you ensure that we can continue our important work in the future.

We understand that, of course, you will want to look after your loved ones first. Any gift you choose to leave us, no matter what size, will be deeply appreciated and will be enormous help towards our cancer progammes and services.

Leaving us a legacy in your will is a very tax effective way for you to donate as it is excluded from inheritance tax.

Arranging a to leave a gift in your will is more straightforward than you might have thought. If you think you might like to leave a legacy to the Marie Keating Foundation or would like more information on what this entails, please contact Fiona on fsullivan@mariekeating.ie or call 01 628 3726.

If you decide to go ahead with leaving a legacy, the next step is to contact a solicitor. If you already have a solicitor, speak to him or her about making a will, or changing your existing will to include the Marie Keating Foundation. If you don’t currently have a solicitor, it’s very easy to find one who’ll draw up a will for you. Almost all solicitors provide this service for a nominal fee.

Legacies: frequently asked questions:

Is it expensive to make a will?

A will is a legally binding document so it is best to ask a solicitor to help you make or amend your will. Their fee for doing so will usually be quite reasonable. If you don’t already have a solicitor, friends or family can often advise you when selecting one. Otherwise, you can find one here or in the Golden Pages.

Can I leave a legacy to more than one charity?

Yes. Irish people are very generous and often support more than one charity. You can include more than one charity in your will if you like. It is helpful if you can tell your solicitor each charity’s name, address and charity number. If you would like to include the Marie Keating Foundation, our address is Unit 9, Millbank Business Park, Lucan, Co Dublin and our charity number is CHY 12916 and our RCN Number is 20038953.

Will my gift make a difference?

The Marie Keating Foundation depends on donations and the generosity of people like you to survive. All gifts, no matter what their size, make a difference. If you would like information about how leaving us a legacy in your will could help our cancer services, please contact us.

Who can I talk to for more information?

Please contact Linda on lkeating@mariekeating.ie or call 01 628 3726.