Out the Other Side: Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors  

The ‘Out the Other Side’ campaign captured and told the real-life stories of breast cancer survivors. Developed with the kind support of Roche, the initiative aimed to offer encouragement to breast cancer survivors and those living with the disease.

Each year, the numbers of women being diagnosed with breast cancer is increasing, but thankfully so are the number of women surviving it. Though there are constant advances in medicine and treatment options, for many survivors, their stories are still rooted in their diagnosis and treatment.

The Out The Other Side campaign wanted to highlight the real experiences of these women through their personal stories and showcase beautiful photography of these survivors. Ten Irish women, who have all benefited from the Marie Keating Foundation in some way, tell you their unique survivorship stories and let you in on the ups and downs of their recovery journey.

A focal point of this campaign is the fact that the battle isn’t over once your cancer treatment ends.

All ten survivors experienced different emotions post treatment. From elation to devastation, these ten women are prime examples of how every person’s cancer journey is unique.

Out the other side was designed to give Irish women support, hope and the tools to rebuild their lives post cancer. As a result, the campaign focuses on the three building blocks of life after cancer- overcoming the psychological impact of diagnosis, cementing recovery and learning how to thrive in your new, post-treatment life.

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To read the stories of these brave breast cancer survivors, download a copy of Out The Other Side – Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors here.



Heroes of Hope-

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer men in Ireland experience, with over 3,400 men diagnosed every year. However, thanks to early detection, this diagnosis is not the death sentence it once was.

The Heroes of Hope – Stories of Prostate Cancer Survival exhibition tells the stories of 15 men who have survived prostate cancer.

They are from different counties, have different jobs and are all different ages, and each has travelled their own individual cancer journey. Because just like prostate cancer, we know that no survivor’s journey is the same.

Through this campaign, our 15 Heroes tell their stories of prostate cancer and how they have navigated their individual road to recovery. The aim of this campaign is to spread hope and give support to men all over the country struggling with the disease.

Heroes of Hope shines a light on the fact that though prostate cancer will change your life, there is Iife after prostate cancer.

To read more about our Heroes and their battles with prostate cancer visit the Heroes of Hope page.

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Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is set to treble in diagnosis figures by 2040. Skin cancer is the biggest cancer in Ireland, with over 12,000 people diagnosed every year. The Marie Keating Foundation’s Skintervention campaign prompts skin cancer prevention by people that have personally been touched by the disease.

Through this campaign, skin cancer survivors talk about their treatment and how you can protect yourself from the highly preventable disease.

Our skinterventionists encourage all people, of every age and skin type to be vigilant, and to seek medical attention if you see any changes on your skin.

Their stories of heartbreak and survival speak to the importance of being aware and proactive when it comes to skin cancer.

For more information on how best to protect your skin and follow the ABCDE’s of melanoma detection, visit out Spot The Difference website.


Survive and Thrive Fashion Show-

The annual Survive and Thrive fashion show has become one of the highlights on the Marie Keating Foundation calendar of events. Once again, in October 2018, women who have, or who have had, breast cancer, were invited to be supermodels for the night and to strut their stuff on the catwalk in celebration of survivorship. A total of 16 supermodel breast cancer survivors and ten models from Assets model agency sashayed down the runway in the Ballsbridge Hotel, modeling stunning clothes from the new Autumn/Winter collections of Dorothy Perkins.

For more information about the Annual Survive and Thrive Fashion show, contact or call 01 628 37 28.