Concert4Cancer: Thank You

Thank You from the Bottom of Our Hearts  

It is hard to believe we are a week out from Concert4Cancer, what a night it was, and we sincerely hope that you were able to tune in and that you enjoyed the great music.

We have been overwhelmed by the Irish public in helping us to raise almost €500,000 which will have an enormous impact on cancer patients at every step of their journey in communities across Ireland.

The messages of goodwill and support have also blown us away – we cannot thank you enough for the kind words and positivity shared both on social media and directly to us.

We have some immediate priorities for the funds raised including:

  • Ensuring our full nursing team is back at work providing free information and support
  • Reinstating a revised Comfort Fund that will be more meaningful to cancer patients struggling financially
  • Expanding our online survivorship and support services for patients in quarter 4 to include an online Survive and Thrive Programme, a four week webinar series and being able to continue our very popular Lunchtime Live Facebook series where we focus on different aspect of health and well-being while on treatment.

We are grateful to so many for making this event a reality, particularly our sponsor the Permanent TSB Community Fund, to the Mount Sion choir and committee, the amazing production company 10Central Group and all the crew, our media partners, Today FM, Irish Music Magazine and Virgin Media and last but by no means least each and every person who took the time to donate, we cannot thank you enough.

Best wishes

Liz Yeates, CEO, Marie Keating Foundation & all the team at the Foundation

P.S Concert4Cancer and an exclusive second concert, Concert4Cancer Continued which features amazing performances from the Hot House Flowers, Paddy Casey, Camille O’Sullivan and many more, are both available now on the Virgin Media Player so make sure you check them out!

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