Irish Designer provides additional protection from COVID-19 while helping charities affected by the pandemic.

Irish designers Aideen Bodkin has created non-medical grade face-coverings in an effort to provide additional protection while also helping to bolster charities whose income has been decimated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Masks that Matter is a new initiative selling sustainable cotton barrier masks to be used as an added layer of protection in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic.


Irish Fashion Designer Aideen Bodkin founded Masks that Matter in March after selling out of a limited edition collection of Liberty Print face masks.

The Masks that Matters campaign aims to increase awareness of the need to keep people protected when out in public, while also highlighting the shortfall in charity donations in recent months. Aideen wanted to produce a range of sustainable masks that were accessible and affordable to all, while also supporting Irish charities.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the masks will be shared among the Irish charities – Marie Keating Foundation, The Irish Hospice Foundation and Trocaire helping to preserve and continue the vital services each charity provide.

The Masks that Matter are made of 100% reusable and breathable cotton and are offered in a choice of 6 colour options.

The masks are not medical grade PPE and everyone is asked to fully adhere to social distancing guidelines and hand hygiene when wearing the masks. Due to the shortage of PPE worldwide it is important that all medical grade PPE are reserved and used by front line workers and not the general public.

Masks that matter are available to buy on where more information on the masks and the charities involved can be found.

All masks are sold as part of a twin pack and retail at €12 per pack incl postage within Rep Ire, each pack includes one print and one plain mask.

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