Amber Springs Announces Marie Keating Foundation Partnership




Donations made easy with the Amber Springs.


The Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey is delighted to announce a charity partnership with the Marie Keating Foundation.


The hotel has instigated a programme of activity to help raise cancer awareness and provide a platform for donations to support the cancer foundation’s services.  Amber Springs will host a number of free cancer information meetings, have dedicated Marie Keating Foundation trains at each of the seasonal Amber train events, provide breaks for families with a terminally ill family member.  The hotel has also recently introduced a new therapeutic range of products and treatments into the Cocoon Spa for people who are or have suffered from cancer.

By 2020, cancer is predicted to affect 1 in 2 people during their lifetime.  Speaking at the launch of the charity partnership, Eibhear Coyle from the Amber Springs said, “No one is immune from cancer and the hotel is fortunate to be able to help support the Marie Keating Foundation in their endeavours to assist  those affected by cancer and their families.  The partnership has been driven by the empathy of both the owners and staff of the Amber Springs for those affected by cancer and admiration for the work being done by the Marie Keating Foundation. We hope to raise as much funds as possible to help beat this terrible disease.”


Amber Spring will be supporting the Marie Keating Foundation in a number of ways:


* Donations – when booking via the hotels website guests will be given the option to “Add a Euro or more for the Marie Keating Foundation”


* Cocoon Spa has introduced the Christine Clinton range of products and specially developed treatments specifically for cancer patients.  These treatments are designed to alleviate side effects of chemotherapy or radiation while respecting and caring for the associated skin problems.


* Free public meetings for cancer survivors, sufferers and patients will be held at the hotel throughout the year.  Starting with the Marie Keating Survive & Thrive six week workshops and seminars which have been created to help men and women who have finished cancer treatment to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ The first Survive & Thrive programmes will take place in Amber Springs starting on Thursday 6 April 2017. Free registration is now open here.


* Provide a dedicated Marie Keating Foundation train at each of the three seasonal Amber Train events, Easter Mad Hatter Tea Party and Egg hunt, Scoobys Mystery Adventure at Halloween and, of course, our Santa Train at Christmas.  100% of monies raised at these trains will be donated to the Foundation.


* Cancer awareness information on the Amber Springs website across key message drivers in association with the Foundation e.g. skin cancer campaign throughout the summer, October Breast Cancer Awareness and November men’s health


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