The Marie Keating Foundation’s Annual Report for 2014 now available

The Marie Keating Foundation’s annual report for 2014 is now available here.

Some of the ways that the Marie Keating Foundations achieved its mission in 2014 are outlined below:

  • Our nurses reached over 16,700 people through our mobile units and community outreach service. Over 420 venues were visited, from schools and shopping centres, to offices and community centres. 32% of locations were in disadvantaged areas.
  • Our Comfort Fund supported 206 individuals and families struggling financially because of cancer. Comfort Fund grants totaled €90,392.
  • 120 teachers were trained in the Marie Keating Foundation Schools Cancer Awareness Progamme as part of the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) In-Service Training Programme, in turn reaching over 8,000 secondary school students
  • We participated in the introduction of the legistlation banning the use of sunbeds for anyone under the age of 18
  • We implemented national cancer awareness campaigns on skin cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and men’s cancers to educate the general public on the signs, symptoms and prevention measures of these common cancers


The Foundation remains as committed as ever to our mission of making cancer less frightening by enlightening. We look forward to updating you on our progress during 2015 in due course.