Upcoming Unit Locations

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Upcoming Locations

(Please note this is not a screening service)  

What does a standard* visit entail?

Our nurses give cancer information presentations on the Units as well as using practical awareness tools such as the smokerlyzer, tar in a jar and body fat scales to help to illustrate our messaging.  The Units are stocked with take home information leaflets on Bowel, Lung, Mouth, Skin, Testicular, Prostate,Cervical, Ovarian and Breast cancer. Our Nurses can talk to people on a one to one basis in a private area on board about any concerns that a person might have about cancer, either for themselves or for someone else (family member or friend). 

Tues, 16th Dec Valeo Ltd, Dunmore Road, Tuam, Co Galway

Time:  10.30-3.30pm

Service:  Mobile Unit/Nurse (for staff only)

Weds, 17th Dec Boots Pharmacy, Castlebar, Co Mayo

Time:  10.30-3.30pm

Service:  Mobile Unit/Nurse

  Service not available until 7th January 2015  


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